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Do you have a winning retail idea that deserves free rent?


You could be the next big thing in retail!

RetailNEXT is searching for The Next Big Thing in Retail presented by an existing brick & mortar retailer, online retailer, or start-up currently in business. The winner will get free rent up to one year along with the support of several high profile judges & mentors (e.g. Shark Tank), mall management, and retail marketing experts. After each entrepreneur/team submits his/her concept and meets with the judges they will do a final 10-minute presentation. The best concepts will be voted on by the judges and the Greater St. Louis community via social media. The winner, who has the best chance of success, will be assisted in launching their concept at The Meadows in Lake Saint Louis. The goal of this competition is to accelerate successful concepts that will work, not only for the entrepreneurs, but also become a model for malls to find future tenants – in St. Louis and beyond.